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Mission & Vision

We’re here to help the people of the Pee Dee and the medical community better address substance abuse. We help providers feel comfortable addressing substance use disorders with their patients. We help people seeking recovery from the disease of addiction. Our method is simple and effective. See the problem. Assemble healing resources. Initiate positive change. Live better through growth and change.


In 1998, Dr. Marla Hardenbergh began practicing medicine. As her practice grew, she noticed that many caregivers didn’t understand or view addiction as a disease. When asked what alcohol disorder is, most physicians responded with stereotypical descriptions of a homeless person or repeat drunk driving offender. Many community caregivers, she realized, did not understand that alcohol use disorders affects doctors, lawyers, mothers and fathers. It is a disease—not a moral failing—that does not discriminate based on race, sex, education, or income. In her own work, she saw that many babies were being born to women with opioid and alcohol addictions. To more effectively address these societal problems, Dr. Hardenbergh founded the SAIL Initiative February 8, 2017. In her practice, she included effective screening and intervention for patients suffering substance use disorders. Networking with government agencies, local counseling and rehabilitation services, and colleagues, she developed a system for implementing practice guidelines.

Today, Dr. Hardenbergh speaks publicly at hospitals, community events, private practices, and medical laboratories. She encourages healthcare providers to better understand and address the needs of patients with substance use disorders. She describes and teaches the SAIL approach: See, assemble, and initiate the change that helps substance use disorder sufferers live free of addiction.

Did You Know

The estimated cost to South Carolina resulting from alcohol and drug abuse is $934 million dollars/year.

State ranks near bottom in substance abuse spending


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