Journey to the Port of Recovery

Our Pee Dee, a region of landscapes and water, has an ugly problem—the disease of addiction. Many people believe the opioid and alcohol epidemics are big city problems. Nothing could be more untrue. The Pee Dee showcases beautiful farms and rustic splendor and it’s vitally important to South Carolina. Living in a rural land of farms, fields, and forests, however, provides no panacea to addiction.

No one is immune to opioid addiction, alcohol, and other substance abuse problems. Race and zip code don’t matter, but ironically, people with better access to healthcare may have better access to opioids, and that includes the Pee Dee. It’s time to do something about it. SAIL Initiative seeks to help healthcare providers and the community better understand the disease of addiction. Understanding the opioid and alcohol crisis is the first step to combating it. Taking action is next.

National Recovery Month. Prevention Works, Treatment is Effective, People Recover. September 2018.

Mes Nacional de la Recuperacion. La prevencion funciona, El tratamiento es efectivo, Las personas se recuperan. Septiembre 2018.